Be unique

There are many ways and means of communicating your own identity, promoting a product or brand, making an initiative or an event known. But why do it by traditional means that anyone else could use the same way? Why not explore the most special and creative ways of communication?

Familybro is at the service of all those who like to ask these and other questions before making a decision. We customize high quality products related to the world of tobacconists in an exclusive and official way. This is possible thanks to the trust that our partners have placed in us.
Clipper, the brand of lighters most loved by young people and famous all over the world, Snails Papers, rolling papers made of high quality materials, qualities that you will surely perceive during use.
Finally our customized matches. A market in which we entered immediately after the stamp duty on matches was eliminated and a brand, Il Fiammifero, which never ceased to give us and our customers great satisfaction.

Make your communication unique, Familybro will know how to make the most suitable product for you!

360° Support

Dedicated graphic team, speed in meeting your requests, flexibility in meeting your needs.


We are the only ones authorized to customize Clipper lighters, Snail rolling papers.


In customizing our products we use materials that allow optimal yield when printing.

From the partnership with Clipper, the most creative lighters brand of all time, my-Clipper was born, the only official personalization service for companies.
The Clipper lighter for decades has established itself as an object of worship among those who collect it and the unique design that characterizes it makes it immediately recognizable.
In addition to the personalization service, my-Clipper offers customers the opportunity to purchase limited edition printed lighters and unique series made entirely by hand by Italian and international artists; real works of art that can not miss in the collection of true fans, but also a precious gift idea to make a special person happy. All our products are guaranteed by the certificate of originality and meet the high quality standards required by the parent company.



By customizing the Snail rolling papers booklets you can give your roller kit a touch of style. The official site makes it extremely easy to request the customization of a wide range of booklets, from Regular Size, up to the innovative King Size with included filters and magnetic closure. Anyone can create their own pack of maps. In fact, our minimum order rates are extremely low and any company or business reality will be able to create a unique and inimitable product that everyone will envy. The Snail maps are recognized for their quality and are distributed in the best tobacconists and grow shops. Just a few clicks from the site or a phone call to request support from our team and receive a quote.
There are no limits to the graphics that can be reproduced on booklets.


In the world of we have chosen to create products that combine tradition and innovation with solutions for individuals and companies.
Products that today are finally available also in the promotional world, with completely dedicated solutions and above all with the possibility of having a unique gadget designed to be available in both small and large quantities.
Choosing, you choose the quality and exclusivity of our services: you will be supported by qualified staff who will guide you with creativity and professionalism to the solution that best suits your needs.
From today you can give more heat and excitement to your gadgets, illuminating the history of your company with “your” match!