Our know-how allows us to move easily within a very specific legislative framework, find the best channels and activities to allow any company to communicate itself and its products to professionals in the sector.

We have a thorough understanding of the web and its mechanisms. We use the enormous potential of the Internet to create innovative strategies and make them available to our customers so that their message can reach a huge number of people, wherever they are.



We organize training and tasting events dedicated to tobacconists and professionals in the sector.
The goal is to inform as many people as possible about the characteristics of a given product. For each of our customers we study specific event formats that allow us to better engage the target audience of a given product.

Class Room Training


Our training courses are not only intended to provide all the information necessary to the people involved, but are intended to convey the vision of our customers in such a way that they are able to transmit them to customers and consumers.

Informative Material

We have experience in the study and production of material to support sales force and tobacconists, innovative and easy to consult.
We can create a wide range of tools to inform consumers about the characteristics of the product and its strengths.
We are also able to support our customers in the design and production of displays to be used in tobacconists, to give maximum visibility to the product inside the store.

B2B Events


We speak to an audience of professionals in an industry where our founders have been working for over 30 years. We know their needs, understand their requests and know how to best involve them during an event. We have experience in planning activities that have taken place during exhibitions and industry events and every year we take care of the organization of exhibition stands for our customers.

B2C Events


We provide our expertise in organizing events to engage end consumers by offering them not only simple events but real experiences. Whether the goal is to promote or launch a new product, increase brand awareness or simply spend time together, our agency has all the tools to meet your needs.



We support our clients in organizing corporate events of the highest level. We have experience in planning team building activities and organizing corporate events for companies operating in the tobacco sector.

Web site creation


The website today is an almost indispensable requirement for a company. Our agency adopts a modern and creative style in the design and construction of websites that will attract the attention of your target audience, involving them in a smooth and consistent navigation experience.

Content creation


If writing for search engines is important, it is more important for us to write for people who will read what we write. Good writing and the appropriate use of language are our priorities when we create content that will be shared in the most diverse channels of communication, but do not worry, we are perfectly able to position your content and identify the best trend topics for your editorial plan.

Social Media Strategy


Strategies to engage, and sell thanks to the engagement of as many people as possible. This is the essence of Social Media Marketing.
Familybro offers its customers creative solutions to allow you to emerge in the sea of posts and content that crowds social media every day, also taking advantage of our wide network of influencers that allow us to accelerate and increase the effectiveness of the message you want to transmit.



Video is certainly one of the most effective means of promoting a product, but in order to function it must be able to distinguish itself among the millions of videos that are disseminated online every day. Our agency starts from the knowledge of the product and the customer to create videos whose messages often go beyond the advertising of an object, in order to create a connection with those who watch it.



We support companies that wish to communicate their identity effectively, modernly and professionally. A high-quality corporate video includes a thorough study of the history and values of our customers to fully understand what are the communication levers to be used during production. Especially in some sectors, where there are a number of restrictions on product promotion, effectively communicating one’s corporate identity can be extremely useful.



Our videomakers are prepared to shoot videos of events and initiatives following the specific indications of customers or offering them a storytelling proposal that allows you to get a video that shows effectively how the event took place and what the moments were. highlights. Whether it’s a video to create an expectation before an event or a video that makes you relive the moments lived during this, Familybro will offer you the perfect product to meet your needs.